Step 1

Getting to know you

The first step of our relationship involves a no-obligation phone call, to allow me to explore your situation and needs and understand how I can assist your property search. I are committed to total discretion, whether I am communicating with a client or a vendor, in order to build trusting relationships and help whenever and wherever I am able.

Step 2

Agreeing to work together

Following our initial phone call, I usually arrange to meet face to face in a location that suits my clients, in order to fine tune their property requirements and distinguish their ‘must-haves’. This important discussion allows me to understand the simplest of my client’s needs, such as budget and size requirements, alongside the most complicated, such as security and property management. During our initial meeting, I also ask important questions about your ability to be involved in the property search, a factor which obviously depends on time restrictions such as work and family commitments. For my overseas clients, I am more than happy to conduct this discussion via Skype.

Once we are all happy to work together, I ask you to sign on the dotted line and pay a small sign-up fee to secure your place as one of my valued Richard Clowes Property Search clients.

Step 3

Searching for your home

Once I fully understand your property requirements, I search through the open market and my extensive contacts. On average, I view over 20 houses for each client, in order to sift through those that do not live up to your expectations. Often, I am able to locate the perfect properties through the use of my contacts, as I am willing to conduct ‘cold’ approaches of ideal houses with no signs of being up for sale. Interestingly, a huge number of my clients end up moving into properties that I locate by conducting these ‘cold’ approaches. After each property viewing, I share my results, photos and thoughts both positive and negative with my client, in order to assist you in making duly informed decisions.

Step 4

Viewing together

I tailor-make tours of individual properties for each of my valued clients. If your time constraints allow for it, I enjoy making these tours a leisurely experience, in order to allow my clients to soak up the atmosphere of their possible new home, and to discuss property particulars over a hearty meal. I am also more than happy to arrange for any desired third-party contacts to attend these viewings, including planners, architects, builders, surveyors and interior designers, to allow my clients to ask any questions they may have and understand every step of the property purchasing process.

Step 5


In the last five years, I have won 80% of the competitive bidding I have conducted for my clients. The success of my negotiation strategy begins by carefully managing my relationships with each property vendor, in order to present both Richard Clowes Property Search, and each of my valued clients, in the best possible light. Purchasers must feel like they get value for money. As such I am able to prove to both venders and their agents what is a fair price for each individual property. The success of any negotiation begins by carefully managing the relationship with each vender and their agents

Step 6


In 2018, over 65% of deals handled solely by estate agents failed. My strong relationships with  top rated solicitors prevents me from falling into the same trap. By allowing me to oversee your entire property buying process, I am able to utilise these relationships to push buying proceedings along to completion. My commitment to my clients also continues once the purchase has been completed. I am more than happy to provide my clients with my recommendations of trusted architects, builders, gardeners, interior designers, etc. in order to make your first weeks in your perfect property the easiest and happiest they can be.

I would not hesitate to utilise Richard Clowes' services and most specifically in the area of identifying land based investment opportunites, an area in which I know he has a solid reputation.
Richard's knowledge of the area, combined with genuine empathy and a thorough understanding of an individual's requirements are second to none.
I have known Richard as a colleague and friend for many years. He is clearly highly knowledgeable and able to think strategically and laterally on behalf of both business and private property clients.

Property search with a personal touch

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