Richard Clowes

Richard is a well known East Midlands-based property specalist, with over 30 years experience gleaned from working with some of the most reputable land and estate agencies in the UK.

He has superb local knowledge of the area in which the business operates and takes pride in providing a professional service with integrity and discretion.

Richard provides a highly personal property finding and acquisition service, guiding retained clients through the buying process with objective local knowledge and professional insight.

Richard Clowes



Finding the Right Property

I understand that searching for your perfect property can be a lengthy, expensive and complicated process. So, I commit to working hand in hand with each of our clients to identify the right location and property for their lifestyles.


Fewer Wasted Journeys

I will conduct initial viewings of properties and provide our clients with extensive feedback regarding the suitability and fine-print details, before inviting them to attend a viewing. This allows me to ensure that clients only view the most suitable properties for their needs and lifestyles, thus making the process much more time efficient, especially when clients are relocating over long distances


Off Market Property

Due to my extensive real estate resources and contacts, I am able to provide clients with a vast range of available properties, some of which are not readily available on the open housing market. So, despite some seller’s reluctancy to promote their properties on the open market, I am able to provide our clients with exclusive viewings, one of which could be your perfect property.



I understand that negotiating the purchase of a property can be stressful and complicated. My wide range of objective experience is not only able to make a huge difference to your final purchase price, but also assist in combating the stress associated with property searches. With my knowledge of local areas you will be clear of both advantages and disadvantages of every property 

I would not hesitate to utilise Richard Clowes' service and most specifically in the area of identifying land based investment opportunities, an area in which I know he has a solid reputation.
“Richard’s endeavours on our behalf ensured we secured the property we wished to purchase. His tenacity and attention to detail are to be applauded. We would instruct him again should the need arise.”
“Richard demonstrated he has an unrivalled knowledge of the residential market in the area by identifying an off market opportunity, negotiating the purchase on our behalf and ensuring the purchase was both quick and uneventful. His sage advice and attention to detail throughout the search and acquisition process were invaluable.”
“Using Richard Clowes Property Search was the sole reason we were able to find the correct house and purchase it without on market bidding. It was the best decision we made in searching for a property and Richard was extremely patient working with us, helping us to understand what we wanted to buy and being able to get us in to properties before they came to market. I would be delighted to recommend Richard to anyone and have done!”

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